Friday, September 18, 2009

And it's actually held guests!

While I'm on the 'let's pay our mortgage instead of shopping for home decor' train, here's a room that we tackled within a month or two of moving in and haven't done much with since.  We dubbed this the guest room, ripped out the old carpet and painted the walls 'Celery Sprig' by Behr.  I picked up some new bedding and a fun shag rug (shout out to TJ Maxx!) and swiped that sexy lamp from Target's amazeballs Home Design event in January.  The furniture and curtains I had already, so we decided to do a green and chocolate brown theme, mostly because I am obsessed with chocolate brown and have it in every single room of the house I think every color works with brown. 
The square footage is on the small side since the previous owners installed that huge dated mirrored closet in the room.  I guess the old school single door closet wasn't enough storage....and wouldn't ya know it, we have that stupid thing full of junk ourselves.  Curses, you huge incredibly ugly useful closet! We still haven't taken the carpet out from underneath, and aren't really sure when that will happen since it's screwed into the floor right through the carpet and pad.  Probably when we redo the floors.....just don't enlarge the pic, mkay?
Anywho, the room is sort of like Megan Fox, cute but plain.  I'm kidding.  But the room really is plain and I know we need a headboard and some art on the walls.  We'll see what I can DIY for a headboard.  Armed with tutorials from Centsational Girl and others, I'm sure I can make something blog-worthy.
And now, the slightly awkward pictures.  Have you ever tried to photograph a room while stuffed into a large mirrored closet?  How about standing on a laundry basket in a large mirrored closet?  I didn't think so.  Enjoy.


  1. Hi Sara:
    I'm new to your blog- came over from freckleschick. Love your style, esp. your gorgeous stairway. Just wanted to know if you plan to make a source list of bedding/curtains etc. I would love to know where you got those pretty curtains in your bedroom. I am a fellow green and "chocolate" brown freak. My bedroom also contains these colors and I need some suggestions for curtains. Do tell.

  2. Lisa,

    A source list is a good idea. I will start putting something together. Unfortuntately, those curtains were at Linens N Things 5 years ago and aren't available now. They were the 'Nate Berkus' brand, and I know some of his stuff is being sold on Maybe check there?



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