Monday, September 28, 2009

Technical update including cat hair

Hi, everyone!  Thanks to some advice from the lovely lady at Oh! Apostrophe, I will be doing some maintenance to my blogger template today to get bigger, better pics on here.  I want you to see every cat hair, speck of dust and blemished wall.  So, please excuse me if some of my posts end up looking kind of wonky throughout the weeks it will take me to figure it out day.  In celebration of my future blogging prowess, and since I mentioned cats, here are my boys doing the two things they do best:
1.  Looking adorable
2.  While getting cat hair all over everything 
Lucius is the grey and white, cute, friendly (and uh..'open') guy, and Maximus is the dark, mysterious (yet suprisingly clingy) one.  And yes, I have leopard print sheets.  Don't act like you don't have any!  

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