Thursday, September 17, 2009

Want vs. Need

This economy is rough. It's also rough to see all the potential in your home and not really be able to do much to see it fulfilled. If I had my way, I would spend all my time shopping for the perfect accessories and furniture to make my 'nest' as beautiful as possible. Even when you are thrifty and DIYing projects instead of buying them premade, it adds up. The city I live in is burdened by a horrible 17.1% unemployment rate that is only getting worse. We are losing car dealerships, manufacturing jobs and retail stores left and right. It is a very worrisome problem and makes me want to hold on to every last penny. Especially since I work at one of the city's largest employers that is also seeing a very hard time financially.

As I was going through my house pictures trying to figure out what to post about next, I realized that I have a ton to post about, but I just felt that none of my other rooms were 'good enough' to put out here. Meaning the rooms are fine, but there are so many other 'things' I wanted to buy for them before they went on display. Wall art, mirrors, new lighting, curtains, pillows, etc. This is a struggle I have been dealing with for awhile. My most recent credit card bill had made me realize that it is time to just work with what I have and be glad for what I have. No matter what eyecandy I see on the house blogs out there, I have to be proud of what we've done to our place even if it isn't going to be featured in a magazine anytime soon.
Here is a picture that sums up American's constant need for change nicely:

This is a scary basement room with dozens of gallons of paint that the previous owners left for us (there were more cans stashed in the cabinets).  All of the cans were over three years old, and many of them were full and seemed untouched.  90% of the gallons were tinted strange colors and in sheens that we couldn't use, so we had to add our own dozen (plus) cans to this stash.  Since we moved in, we have been systematically hardening and throwing away the cans they left here.  It is sad, and a waste.  Not to mention horrible for the environment.     
How do you learn to be happy with what you have?


  1. Having patience isn't easy. Take one room at a time.

    Too many projects in too many rooms, living among demo mess is not fun.

  2. You left a comment on my blog a few days ago & I just got a chance to check yours out. It's great! I'll add it to my sidebar & reader. Now to your question...

    It all comes down to process vs. product. Rooms take time to grow & develop. I think so often we get wrapped up in getting rooms DONE that we forget that. The product is important but the fun is in the process. I've learned to love the process and be happy with things in flux. The anticipation and knowing it will get done eventually are enough to keep me sated as we go. Good luck!!

  3. My local landfill has a recycling center, and we can drop off our old cans of paint there. Anyone can go there and pick up a free can of paint! Check to see if this is offered in your city or county before you throw away more paint!

  4. Yes, we had the same thing at Recycletown in our town, at the threshold to the dump. Oh! Or I suppose there's always freecycle(.org) as a good resource; anything that has a second life in it ought to find a new home, verses finding it's way to a landfill...
    Maybe you could even put them out at a neighbor's yardsale. Hm, not a bad idea, if I do say so myself! Hope you find them a 'home'


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