Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old House Blog Contest!

Well blog friends, I've entered a contest.  It is the Old House Web Blogger Contest and all entrants are competing for a chance to win a $250 Lowe’s gift certificate and the opportunity to be a paid contributor to the Old House Blog.  How RAD would that be?  Better than Neal Patrick Harris saving the Emmys, for sure!  I'm currently working on a post about the back yard, but in the meantime click the link above and check out the details of this awesome contest.  And if when I get selected as a finalist, you will all have the opportunity to vote for my little stairway renovation that I posted about here
What was that?  You need a reminder of how gorg my stairs look now?  Well, how can I resist another photo.....

I love you, stairs!


  1. Impressive on the staricase since i remember way back when there use to be magazine photo's ripped out and taped to the wall.
    Big strides taken.


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