Friday, January 22, 2010

Unexpected smurfiness

That is what we got when we asked the teenager working at Home Depot's paint counter for a primer to go under navy blue paint.  Thing is, our walls in The Shining room were rather, uh, smelly?  Maybe it was the wallpaper crumbling on them for the last 70 years, or the dampness in the plaster, but something was stanky in there.  For this reason, we wanted to use Kilz primer.  Problem is, Kilz is white and they could only tint it slightly.  While we should have primed the walls with a dark charcoal primer, we ended up with a smurf blue primer that wasn't going to do much to darken the walls.  Observe:

This first pic is closest to the actual color, the others were taken with an improper White Balance setting so they turned out very cold and dark.  I didn't realize until I uploaded them.  Ooops!  Hey, at least I know what White Balance is, right?   Go, me!

Despite the color, I knew that I could make it work out fine.  And it didn't stink like adhesive anymore, so that's neato.  We also primed/painted the trim and doors:


Then I tried out a couple paint samples, including BM Hale Navy (middle square) and SW Gale Force (on the left).   

I chose Hale Navy, matched in Sherwin Williams paint.  Why?  Because I thought the BM paint was a bit too runny when I did the dressing room.  However, I actually like the finish of the BM Matte paint much better than the flat from Sherwin.  And the Sherwin paint was about $10 more.  And it still splattered all over the place!  Anystupidpaintmanufacturers, after I was done yelling profanities and drowning my sorrows in a nice Port, I decided WHO THE HELL CARES anyway.  It's done, I will live with it.  And without further ado, here's a teaser of things to come!

I did it.  For reals.  It's almost black, and oh so cool.  Full room shots coming next week!


  1. LOVE IT! I cannot wait to see the finished product. It is so deep and cool. I have been wanting to paint a really deep gray or black in some room and this is really making me just want to do it!

  2. oooo.....How can you tease us like that? It looks awesome! I can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Looking great so far! Can't wait for more. I use SW paint, only because I get a great discount thru work. I used eggshell in my bedroom (brown) so it would not be too cave like. Love it!

  4. yay for dark blue rooms! our guest room is dark blue and is one of my favorite rooms in the house. can't wait to see this "after"!

    ps - i love sherwin williams paint. i don't like their hours though so sometimes i have to have lowes color match with valspar. i don't mind valspar, but i think sw is so much better. but i also get a discount at sherwin williams, so that helps.

  5. OHHHH I love it. I did my powder room in that colour .... and I even did the ceiling. It looks great with white trim. Very punchy.

  6. anticipation! Can't wait to see it all done. PS- I love BM Regal Matte finish paint. It is very $, but the other stuff I tried doesn't compare.

  7. Woo-hoo! Exciting! You and your wine... too funny! :)

  8. Shut UP our foyer is Hale Navy! I am in love with it. I hate how you just sort of walk through the foyer and don't spend any time there... so I kind of awkwardly block our guests into standing there for a minute or two. Then if they don't comment on how awesome the color is I make sure to force a compliment out of them somehow. Er, yeah, that's awkward.

    BUT that color deserves some attention- love it!

  9. Smurfiness indeed! The navy paint looks awesome, can't wait to see more pics!

  10. This will be a very original room. Good luck with your project. I also like your dressing room, very elegant and spacious.

  11. New to your blog but I just wanted to say that I LOVE the color!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. OOoh, I always wanted to paint a wall/room black! How brave you are and how exciting!

  13. Re the first color: Fa La La La La La La La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaa indeed.

    Re the charcoaly, moody beautiful blue: Fabulous.

  14. Black is so daring! I accidentally did a dark charcoal in my bathroom, but I ended up loving it. I think this color will be perfect for an art studio- nice and dramatic.


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