Friday, January 8, 2010

A different kind of painting

You all may not know this, but this guy... a bit of an arteeest.  Not a member of Weezer. 

He has sketched, painted, and color-penciled many pieces of original art for me.  This one is the first thing he drew for me 4 years ago:

Don't you just love how he managed to sneak a fish skeleton my name in there next to the weird pumpkin-headed scarecrow?  It was instant love when he gave me this drawing.  He also helped me paint this artwork that is now hanging in our dining room:

But seriously, that one was mostly me.  I can't lie.  He knows what I'm talking about.  Shaun is big into tattoos, he has several, so his drawings and paintings tend to look similar to 'art' he likes.  What am I getting at?

Well, we both decided (unbeknownst to eachother) that the Shining room is going to be a mini art gallery and studio area for us both!  We have both been known to strew supplies across the dining room table to draw or paint, and then get crabby that we have to clean it all up.  So I want to have a drawing table, and some nice storage for our painting supplies, which are currently kept in this state-of-the-art box:

As well as places for our drawing pads, pencils, cray-pas, and other stuff that is packed away somewhere.  As for the walls, I'm going dark navy and putting up some picture molding, similar to what we did in our dining room only BIG and TALL, like this:

Our canvases will hang in the middle of the 'picture frames' on the walls.  Also, for those of you that were wondering where this room is in relation to the rest of the house, here's a little 'map' of the upstairs, with the staircase at my back:

Are you wondering why I don't just put our art all over the house?  Well...because some of it looks like this (unfinished) piece:

What the hell, Shaun? doesn't really scream 'comfortable home.'  But if it ends up looking cool when it's done, it will be displayed in our mini gallery. 

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about what we could use the room for.  I wanted to point out that we did consider making this room:
~  a storage area, but we already have a basement and tons of closets (and a sauna..heh)
~  a bar area, but we don't currently use the deck to entertain because of the rubber roof 
~  a sewing/craft room, but I am NOT CRAFTY and DO NOT SEW 
~  a library, but I have plans for a different room to have this purpose

What do you think of the art gallery/studio idea?  Is it something you would use?


  1. great idea for a room - it will be nice to have all of your supplies out and ready to go, i know that for me just the idea of getting everything out sometimes stops me from working on art/projects. and i love the idea of navy walls!

  2. Love!! What a fabulous idea. And I am very jealous of both of your talents. If we were to hang up my art, we'd have a house full of stick figures.

    Oh, and I LOVE the picture moulding. Gorgeous!! It looks so good with the wall color you picked out. I can't wait to see it in your gallery!

  3. It really is a craft room ... where you ply your craft of painting .. then displaying it. Sounds higher brow to call it an art galler/studio though. .... and I know you are high brow!!!


  4. I love the idea! I also love the picture molding idea.

    Great Thinking!

  5. Sharon, I guess you're right! haha

    However, it is not going to look like the average craft room. At least not if I can realize my 'vision!'

  6. What a great idea! It will be so nice to have all of your supplies in one place AND have a place to admire all the great artwork. Can't wait to see it!

  7. Perfect idea!! What about a man cave, but nicely decorated? My hubby is using one of our rooms for a game room, but the catch was that I get to decorate it and he loves it. I didn't make it girlie at all. And hanging his art and giving him a place to do it would be awesome! Loves it!

  8. Fantastic idea! Navy walls sound awesome.

    Loved your Weezer reference.

  9. We're actually using the second bedroom as an office/ art space. It will be great to have an area where you don't need to put away your things after you finish. I hate cleaning up paint in the middle of a project!

  10. I think a space to be creative & messy is a MUST in any home. In ours, it will be the guest room {which may or may not be such a good idea if we have to clean up quickly}. So be it paint or fabric or power tools {or all of the above plus more!}, I whole heartily applaud the idea!

  11. That's a really great use for that room - and it will end up looking very bright and colorful with all that art and art supplies!! love it!

  12. Definitely a good idea! We're making our upstairs attic room into an art studio for me and a music recording area for Rob. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  13. I want a studio space desperately. Sadly, it's the last area we're doing. Boo.


  14. Sounds like a great idea for you two! Shaun is quite the arteeest - very cool! It's awesome that you can create your own artwork instead of just buying something that has no sentimental value.

    I love that you have a laundry chute and that little nook in your wall to display art.


  15. LOL on the Satan picture :). I think having a mini gallery sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! Looking forward to seeing more.

  16. Personally, I LURVE the unfinished devil guy! I think he is great. Your hubs is incredibly talented. You guys should think about opening an online store.

  17. This is such a fantastic idea! Congrats for finding another creative soul to share your life with!!! ox


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