Friday, January 15, 2010

What the heck, Target?

I've just confirmed with my friend Katie, the hottest Target Store Manager in Wisconsin, that the amazing Target Home Design Event is not happening in stores this year.  This may be old news to some of you, but I was disappointed and thought I'd share my pain with you all.  She said that last year it didn't sell well until everything went on clearance.  Well, of course!  Everyone waits for the sales, don't they?  Anywho, my need for new home items has the SADS but my wallet has the SMILES about this news.  It is still happening on, though - so get out there and save 10% on purchases of $100 or more, with free shipping on some of the items, too.  I will just sit this one out as I'm trying to honor my spending resolution.  Boo!   


  1. Well you can cheer yourself up by remembering that 10 percent is kind of a lame discount anyways.

    I remember figuring that out for the first time when I was working retail. That's like the standard discount/refund that they'll give to anyone who complains enough.

    I mean really, what's 10 dollars off when you have to spend 90 to get it?

  2. Oh that is such a bummer...but I agree that my wallet is much happier. I received an email about the sale but I did not realize that it was all online. Oh well...

  3. Not about this post, but I respect your opinion. I"m trying to get more interesting furniture from craigslist, etc, and found 2 chairs for $60 for both (pictures are at the link below). Do you think that is worth it? I am having a hard time figuring that out. I asked if they would do $50 but he said no.

  4. I noticed that Target wasn't doing the home event when I visited the store this weekend. Instead they are doing some "Big Box Savings" thing, which is kinda stupid since I have a Costco membership and anybody can just walk into a BJs. Plus, the savings aren't all that great at Target's event. I'm like you, though. I don't need any more excuses to spend money.

  5. Instead of NOT having it maybe they should have thought about making it all MORE AFFORDABLE to sell more on day one! :) Just my 2 cents Target! *gives side eye*


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