Thursday, October 29, 2009

The big cover up

After the fiasco with our french doors that made me want to eat an entire bag of Reeses question my ability as a renovator, I am happy to say the shy doors that didn't want to be stripped naked are now demurely covered up with a nice coat of oil-based primer:  

I know you can still see things through the primer, but the doors were pretty much looking like a battlefield before, so this is great in comparison. 

Can I get an 'amen' for how annoying it is to paint divided-light doors?!  I figured out after painting the china cabinet doors in the dining room that it's pointless to tape off the glass, so I never do.  You spend hours taping, then you have to leave it on so long through all the coats of paint and primer, that it pulls off your paint with it.  It is infinitely better to just use a high-quality angled brush, try to be neat, and then use a glass scraper after everything dries to clean up your oopsies.  And uh, I haven't done that part yet. 
I'm hoping to get these guys painted this weekend and hung asap!  Mmm, Reeses....thanks goodness for Halloween, the only time of year I can buy six huge bags of candy at Target without the cashier giving me a side-eye.   


  1. YES - I have painted those divided-window doors and it sucks! I feel your pain.

    It is never wrong to buy six bags of candy :)

  2. MMMMMMM .... Reeses

    Sorry ... this post was about doors wasn't it.

    Nice job .... mmmmm Reeses.


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