Monday, October 5, 2009

If You Liked Him Then You Shoulda Put a Hat On Him

Last Saturday we had a very fun (albeit drizzly) day at Party on the Pavement, the annual street festival in historic Downtown Racine: 

(Image from atop the Ferris Wheel, courtesy of Racine Post)

We wandered around with our beers, stopping into various shops, bars, and art galleries.  We listened to live bands, ran into friends (well, just my brother), pet lots of dogs, and just meandered around to our hearts content.  Then we found a shop that attracted Shaun like teenage girls to glittery vampires.  The selection of hats at Copacetic on Main street is totally amazing.  Their tagline is "Look good. Feel happy", and we were certainly happy while shopping.  Here is the great assortment we played with for about a half hour:

The one he is wearing in this pic is the one he bought, but there were many trials before the winner was picked. Observe:
             Seriously, do people really wear Leprechaun hats?
             Essential accessory for all your 'pirate' ensembles.  I am really not sure if this is here for Halloween or all year round??  Questionable.
The 'Samuel L. Jackson' look, complete with serious face.

Hopefully he never really takes up hunting....ugh!

The winner!  Justin Timberlake, this is how you wear a hat. 

In between snaps, I also got in on the fun. Now I know where to go if I ever win a trip to the Amazon. 

Newsboy, or gangster?  I'm not sure, but I can't pull it off either way.  Doesn't matter, I will just steal Shaun's when I want to ham for the camera:

I was so glad we got out and supported our local business owners.  Hopefully there will be many more 'exploring' days where we find other gems in our city.  By the way, I totally think I look cuter in this hat.   

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