Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jamie's Condo: Behind closed doors

Over the weekend, Jamie was on a roll.  After a work-til-midnight painting session all by herself last Friday, we were ready to hang the upper cabinet doors up Monday night!  It was important to let them cure for at least three days to avoid soft spots or dings during installation, so look at how happy she is to finally be getting these up after three weeks of them laying around her garage:

She may also be auditioning to be a spokeperson for Black and Decker?  We were both giddy with excitement when we got all them all up:
Seriously, we did the happy dance around the kitchen while her 3-year-old looked at us like we were idiots.  We reused all her old brassy hinges by spray painting them (two coats) with Rustoleum Universal Satin Nickel paint for less than 8 bucks:

This saved not only gobs of money, but time and aggravation getting new hinges to fit.  And they look brand new!  We just went and bought new stainless screws to replace the old brown and rusty ones.  Once the doors were up, I went around with the handy-dandy Measure Pro Cabinet Kit from Menards and marked with a sharpie where we wanted her knobs to be placed.  Since she didn't have any cabinet knobs before, she had to put some muscle into drilling the holes:

She kind of looks like she's praying, doesn't she?  We didn't need the prayers, everything turned out great (except my photography skills, sorry!):

Here's a 'before' to remind you what these cabinets looked like three weeks ago:

We made sure to hang the cabinet doors before drilling the holes and attaching the knobs, it makes it easier to drill through when it's not resting on the ground, and it's also at eye level.  The knobs are from Target, a pack of 10 was $20.  Hardware doesn't have to be expensive to look great, right?  Next up is finishing the wall paint, attaching the lower cabinet doors, and installing the amazing satin nickel bin pulls we scored from Target for the drawers!



  1. Reusing the original hardware was sooo smart. I never would've thought of that.

    I found your blog via Mabel's House-- love it! I'm in a real DIY frame of mind right now, too. Must be the season.

    Sweetfern Handmade

  2. WOW - the cabinets look great and very smart of you to spray paint the hinges.

  3. Clever to spray paint the hinges. Jaimie must be soooo excited. Can't wait to see the finished photos.

  4. What a fantastic makeover! Love it!

  5. I really like how this is coming along. Very savvy of you to repaint the hardware and hinges. It looks amazing to far!

  6. Isn't paint an amazing transformer , looking great !

  7. I stumbled upon this while checking in to see if you'd posted kitchen progress. I'd love to see the big reveal! Is her kitchen finished yet? You'll have to do an update post if you can!


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