Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleeping in required

I am ashamed because I didn't take photos of some of the rooms in our house before our renovating began.  I had a Lindsay Lohan moment where I thought I had taken pictures, but really I was just thinking about the photos from the real estate listing that weren't even mine.  Doh!  In this picture of our master bedroom, we had already ripped out the carpet, dismantled another huge mirrored closet identical to the one in the guest room, painted, and moved in our furniture.  Still, it was looking as empty as my fiance's wallet after a TJ Maxx trip:
And this is our room after adding Ikea curtains, a Craigslist find rug, art I already had, and some cute accessories and bedding:
Does anyone know why my lampshades have turned so yellow recently? Can they be cleaned or something?
This room has northern and eastern exposure, I love the soft light we get all day. 
The chair was a great buy at Overstock, the famous 'Keep Calm' print was purchased on Etsy, table was a hand me down, and the lamp was a TJ Maxx find. 
The door on the right leads to what we affectionately call the 'not bathroom'.  There used to be a half bath there according to the blueprints we found, but the previous owners decided to drywall and lay a new laminate floor over the plumbing.  Why?  We really can't figure out many things they did.  The door on the left leads to a walk through closet.    
One day I will repaint the built in dresser and closet walls, but for now it works fine just the way it is.  Do you love those 'huggable hangers' as much as I do?  They are so sleek. 
The other side of the closet is not quite as charming, but does the trick:
I absolutely love the way our room looks, and want to thank the great Etsy sellers that sold me the pillow covers and artwork for the room: pipdesigns, Lilybethgoodies, and pressureless. 
Good night everyone, I'm off to bed.  I don't get to sleep in, though.  Sigh. 


  1. I love that that you used a lot of color and still kept the room light and uplifting. I especially think the rug made a huge difference in grounding the space. I love your room!

  2. LOVE the blues and browns. Looks great!

  3. Love it ... especially al the prints you used. Nicely done.

  4. I love your bedding! Blues are some of my favorite shades for a bedroom.
    Also, do you have any idea how jealous I am of your closet?!

  5. Very pretty room, it looking very relaxing.

  6. I love these colors. Your bedroom looks like it belongs in a magazine! And the craigslist rug... I'm jealous!

  7. New reader, thanks to This Young House/ Young House Love and really enjoying your reno pics!

    I also love the bedding on your bed! Is that a duvet or a comforter? Do you mind if I ask where you found it? I love it!

  8. Megan - Thank you! The bedding is a comforter set from TJ Maxx, but I'm not using the matching shams at this time. Unfortunately, it's not a 'name brand' so I don't think you will be able to track it down - one of the only bad things about TJ! The orange tiled and white quilted shams are from Pottery Barn, both sets were purchased cheap on eBay, I don't think they make them any longer.

  9. Sara-love the wall color. Do you mind my asking the brand and the color name? Thanks!

  10. The wall color is Behr Aqua Smoke in a flat finish. I'm glad you like it! This is the second home I've used it in, I just love it.

  11. this room!!!

    It looks so calming and makes me realize how small our room is.

    Love the closet, the big windows and colors!

  12. love this room!! Im a new reader of your blog and very much enjoying it! Where did you get your bed headboard? I am debating on buying an actual bedroom set or doing something like this.. why did you choose the back board?

  13. This looks amazing. love the soft colors and lovet those lamps! the pedestal part on ur lamps are so pretty.

  14. I love the orange with the teal! I have a blue/teal master bedroom too


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