Thursday, October 22, 2009

That is one foxy mirror

I've sort of finished the painting of the Hobby Lobby mirrors I posted about here.  Sort of finished, because I'm not really liking the shade of white for the skinny one.  Which means I wasted liquid gold really expensive Rustoleum Universal spray paint on it.  I bought it for this semi-dark corner of our upstairs hallway that currently sports a narrow wall, an Ikea accent table, and some Mickey-Mouse-looking popourri balls that never even smelled like vanilla thankyouverymuch Target. 

There is a bedroom directly behind where I'm standing to take this picture, with two windows that shine a little light into this hall.  I was hoping to take advantage of that natural light by hanging the mirror above the table to bounce it around a bit.

What the crap, it looks 'Dita Von Teese' white!  The table is the culprit.  It is a very creamy color.  So I have to put a coat of cream paint on this mirror to go with the table.  Poo.  But I do love the detail on this pretty girl.....

...why hello there, laundry chute!  White issues aside, the round guys are looking niiiiiice:

Too bad the reflection in them is not nice.  Empty air freshener, check.  Door cut 2 inches above the floor by previous owners, check.  Neglected moldings missing their 'shoes', check.  Floors in need of refinishing, check.  Argh!  Let's check out the detail on the mirrors to cleanse our eyeballs:
This picture *may* have been taken while I was in bed snuggling with my mirrors.  Hey, they are pretty and easy (to paint).  Now I just need to figure out where to hang them for all to admire their curves.   


  1. I am SO impressed! These mirrors look fantastic! And I'm jealous of your super big hallway, looks beautiful.

  2. Love that first mirror! I can't tell from the picture that the whites are different, but that would bug me too. The round mirrors are fantastic!

  3. Love the curvy mirror ... and the round ones. Great details on both. ... by the way no one would have noticed all the stuff in the reflection if you hadn't pointed it out ... now we'll all be waiting for updates on those fixes ... lol


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