Monday, October 19, 2009

Wine all you want

On Friday night Shaun and I decided last minute to attend a wine tasting that was put on by a great organization called Young Professionals of Racine.  We were very excited to have an opportunity like this so close to home, so we signed up online and made a night of it.  Can you tell how excited I am when we first got there?

As you all know, I put wine on my cereal I love wine, and this particular tasting event was set up as an 'International Wine Flight'.  There were tables of wines and complementary foods for North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and even a table for Japan that sported Sake and 'western' sushi for sampling.  We had fun and ran into people I didn't even know worked at my company, such as Ben here:

Nice looking guy, right?  If you're interested, I'll ask him if he's single!  We also hung around with a friend of mine from work, the lovely Kim (on the left), and her equally lovely friends:

Please ignore my horrible face in this pic, okay?  The event was held in the Sapphire room of historic Memorial Hall, downtown Racine.  This building was constructed in 1924 as a tribute to war veterans, and it was wonderful to see the original architecture mostly untouched. 

The moldings!  The doors!  The ceilings!  The limestone exterior!  The granite and marble interior!  I just love old buildings.  And wine, you case you missed that. 


  1. Looks like fun! I love your cute glasses :)

  2. Shaun seriously looks like our grandpa in that hat.. So handsome... Grandpa..


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