Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice weather and fabulous finds

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, it got up to around 60 degrees which was such a welcome reprieve from the unseasonably cold weather we've been experiencing.  I was also very excited because on my lunch break I found 3 pine wall shelves for Jamie's kitchen at Hobby Lobby on sale for $6 each!  They are exactly like this one (that costs a lot more), but they are unfinished and will be painted the same color as her upper cabinets:

Three for the price of one (with no shipping costs, I love you Hobby Lobby!)  Anyway, my lunchtime score combined with the weather put me in such a wonderful mood that I couldn't resist standing in the middle of the street like a weirdo to snap a picture of all the mature trees on our block turning colors and dropping their leaves.

I think I freaked out the mailman in the process.  Oh well.  Our street really is lovely to drive down this time of year.  Also, our burning bush is seriously kicking all the other burning bushes' butts on our block.  Check out that color!

Teaser: something (or two somethings) in this picture will be replaced soon after 1.5 years of inoperability.  I'm sure you will never figure out what I'm talking about!
ps - doesn't the planter look sad without the annuals?  I really should figure out what to do there over the cold months.... 

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