Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why so fickle?

I feel like Blogger is a mean mean boy that sometimes likes me, and other times acts like I am Jessica Simpson a sad desperate cow that is clingy and annoying. 
(for the record, I think Jessica Simpson is lovely and desirable, but that is a story for a different day regarding the unfair way the media portrays celebrities)
Why does it have to be so difficult?  Why can't I do my thing and have everything work as beautifully as it did yesterday?  It reminds me of my first 'real' boyfriend, during the summer before my sophomore year of high school.  I was all of 15 so this was a totally PG relationship, but it still counts.  We had a great time: movie nights, group hangs, trips to Six Flags, Fourth of July fireworks, we really liked each other.  Fall of my sophomore year, he left my house after some pleasant tv watching and a goodnight kiss, then called me that night to say he wanted to break up.  Wha?  Come again?  I was so confused.  He had just been talking about the upcoming Winter Formal dance future!  But it didn't really hit me until the next day when he sailed on down the hallway instead of stopping at my locker like he did every morning, leaving me standing there in teary-eyed shock.  It completely hurt my feelings that he was serious and I had been DUMPED by a guy that was not even as high on the social ladder as I was. 

Much like Blogger hurts my feelings.  Why does it hate me and put my photos all over the place even though I have dutifully centered them?  Why does it put unnatural spaces in between lines, even though I have painstakingly spaced them the way I want them?  Haven't I made it happy by widening my columns to showcase how lovely posts can look?  Haven't I increased the size of my photos so people will say "OOOOH, AAAAAH, what lovely photos!" ??  Haven't I googled absolutely everything out there for guidance and read up on HTML codes??  Well, Blogger, HAVEN'T I??  You are a fickle partner to be sure.  I love and hate you.  You are my John Mayer.  And Tony Romo.  And maybe Nick Lachey, too...jury is kinda out on that one.  Any Blogger advice is welcome people!!   


  1. I cannot help solve your problem. I blog on Wordpress. You should come over to Wordpress. It's mad awesome.

  2. I just found this site and it helped me with a couple questions I had ...
    But I know what you mean ... I have tons of questions ... you see a site and think "How did they do that"


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