Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A 400 square foot yoga mat

Our deck on top of the garage is huge.  And rubbery.  Like a hollywood starlet's lips.  It is also a pain in the patootie because this darn railing goes on for miles:
(Those are not our brokedown chairs)
It is old, slightly rotted and was peeling down to the bare wood:

But I love the shape and that it is original, so we spent hours this summer scraping and priming all those little nooks and crannies.  Then we got paint matched to the pieces we peeled off, and did absolutely nothing else until this past Sunday when the house gods slapped us with a warm day and boomed "You cannot go through the entire winter without painting this railing, you lazy #&$*%&^!"  And we couldn't come up with an excuse not to.  Well, yes we could've - but we had the paint, the Packer game wasn't on until noon, and it was 65 degrees in November.  So we got to work.  I'm so glad it's done!  

Now if only we could get some kind of decking to go over the rubber membrane roof, we would be in business to have a swank deck party.  I'm just not willing to shell out the big bucks to have an engineer look at it, and I also don't want to DIY and have water coming into my house or garage if we accidentally puncture the membrane.  Also, the railing isn't high enough to be 'up to code' for gatherings.  So for now, it will be a place for Shaun to smoke his cigars.  By himself.  Stinky!  


  1. What a pain! That space is pretty nice though... I would actually love to do some yoga up there :).

  2. Nice! I would be catching some rays on that deck during the summer.

  3. It is such a nice feature of the house. Glad you had a good weather day to do!

  4. So much potential up here! And I totally know what you mean about getting the warm days in November and feeling like you HAVE to do something productive with them!


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