Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fitting your life into a carry-on

I have not been spending quality time with my computer this weekend, so I apologize for being a bad blogger.  I spent most of last week lugging my laptop and wheelie case around multiple airports, but I did make everything fit:

Notice the black case above my shoe.  That is a projector that I had to take with me, and it seemed to take up all the space in my carry-on!  Seriously, paring down to only a couple outfits and a quart size bag of toiletries was so hard.  The trip was a big reminder of why I don't like to travel, for work, pleasure, or otherwise.  I sometimes think vacations are just not worth the hassle of getting there.  Maybe I'm a bad vacation planner, but I find that dealing with airports, crowds, cabs, rental cars, traffic, hotels, etc is just such a headache that it makes a trip "not that great" in the end.  I know, I'm a weirdo for not liking vacations.  
I did spend my entire weekend working on projects, so I will update on those soon!


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