Monday, November 16, 2009

Jamie's condo: Concrete jungle

One of the projects I worked on this weekend is Jamie's never ending mess poor dismantled condo.  This is how our sessions go: I saunter in there and tear things apart, spray paint some things, slap primer all over every possible surface, laugh at her outdated light fixtures and furnishings like a mean child on the playground, and then leave her there to live in the disaster.  Really, I don't mean to make fun of her at all....we laugh about these things together.  Right?  Right, Jamie?  Hello? 

Anyhow, I know I haven't given you a full 'after' picture of the kitchen, and that is because we're waiting for the new flooring and lighting.  The flooring will run through the entire place, so we need to prime and paint the walls and trim throughout before the gorgeous (and only $1.59/sq ft!) laminate floor is installed.  So, no full kitchen pics for you!  Here are a few blurry 'before' shots of what we're working with:

And, this is what the place looked like on Friday night after the carpet removal:
Don't you just want to park your car in there curl up and watch a movie in there?  No?  Don't wanna pull up some concrete slab and chill?  How about now?
It looks like the perfect cozy place for a three-year-old to watch cartoons, doesn't it?  There's even a tiny bit of carpet there for comfort.  Or, you could have a seat in the 'couch mosh pit' and eat your dinner in the totally swank dining area:

Where's the table?  Well, leaning against the owner's bed, of course.  DUH!  Americans love to eat in bed!  They also love to do this to get through some really boring priming and tack-strip removal:

No sneaking peeks at the kitchen, just focus on the bottles, people.  You see, you really can't get men to help without some beer.  Not that we need a man to help, but it makes things easier since no one really likes to prime miles of trim alone: 

And because I'm so proud of her, here is a pristine little feature of the kitchen that Jamie has done a great job on:

The $6 shelves I snagged from Hobby Lobby have been primed, painted, and styled with the help of adorable clearance items from Pier 1.  With new outlet covers installed, it will be looking mighty nice in there.  Stay tuned as we make more progress!   


  1. Can't wait to see the afters! Horrid before/during pics just make the reveal more exciting :)

  2. haha this whole post cracked me up! Can't wait to see the results of this one. And the little shelf is adorable, love the pop of red against the blue, verrrry pretty.

  3. Looking good (hahaha). Just think how beautiful the whole space will be when the laminate is down. Can't wait for more afters.

  4. Your such a great friend lending her a hand!! I'm in love with her cute shelves and the RED plate OMG - loves it....I'm might be stopping at Pier 1 tonight :)

    Ok now hurry up with the after - lol

  5. I was looking through your archives to read up on all of your homemade window treatments as I'm about to order some fabulous fabrics for a few rooms in our house and came across this post. Did you ever show off the big reveal?! I want to see the final outcome!!

  6. Meg - I just need to get over there and take some glamour shots. Things got really busy aroudn xmas with her and we haven't been working on anything over there! I will do a reveal, I promise!


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