Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Less junky

Ok, the junk is still there, but the walls holding the junk look better.  We used a beige 'masonry' primer to cover the sickly green, here is Shaun going over the primer with the first coat of paint:

You may notice we used a brush first in all the crevices.  I bought the expensive 'extra fluffy' roller covers made for masonry, but it still wasn't getting in there.  Oh well....brush it was.  We did two coats of paint, but we probably didn't need to.  The paint is Behr Stucco and Masonry paint, which I have mixed feelings about.  It was very runny for a 'self priming' paint, however it covered surprisingly well.  I guess the bottom line will be the staying power and scrub-ability.  You know, because I expect to be scrubbing the walls of my garage on a regular basis - NOT! 

I chose Behr Antique White for the walls because that is the color of all our interior hallways, and I didn't want to use gray and make it look more cinderblock-y.  I extended the white ceiling down to the first row of blocks to sort of mimic crown molding.  You likey?  The ceiling is a big pain, I have to cut in around all the garage door apparatus and other weird things that are stuck into that ceiling with no hope of removal.  But I'm getting it done slowly.  The next thing is a shopping trip to Lowe's with a $10 coupon to get more shelves and new garbage cans! 

Yes, I'm excited about new garbage cans!  You would be too, if yours looked like they lost a battle with a chain saw.

And uh, just ignore the empty keg back there. 


  1. So I decide to mosey around your blog (hope you don't mind) and I am extremely inspired. Your master bedroom is GORGEOUS. I love the wall color, love the bedside lamps, and I especially love the graphic pillows and bedding.

    You have incredible taste!

  2. Crown in the garage .. how posh!

    It looks so clean and fresh.

  3. Looking good! Love the faux crown molding - genius!

  4. Love the molding! What a great idea! It is such a pain to paint cinder blocks. I was lucky to find a roller for painting them at a hardware store. I am so happy I did because I would of ended up throwing the paint on my walls. lol.

  5. Oh I love your faux crown molding idea... looks great! We have a lot of ugly cinderblock on the back of our house (it's an addition to the original brick house) and I have no idea what we're going to do with it!

  6. Much better! I'm going with Behr Antique white in our new office, I think...



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