Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cars don't live here

Ah, the infamous garage.  The downfall of messy homeowners everywhere.  Similar to the guest room, the garage ends up being chalk full of junk instead of what the space was intended to be used for.  We have 5 bedrooms and a full basement, but somehow our garage still turned into a storage unit.  Oh, and it is quite a scary-looking cinderblock prison, too:

This is after Shaun had cleaned it out.  We could only park one car in here, on the side with the half-assed attempt at painting it blue, next to the broken window that had been filled with bricks (problem solved!!) and the previous owner's helpful message to 'STOP HERE!' painted on the wall.  In our defense, until last week we couldn't really park on the other side because that garage door's opener was broken before we moved in.  That has been fixed, thankfully.  So, what are we to do about the mess?  Well, we started by putting everything into the middle of the garage and ripping out that stupid shelf in the back that prevented us from moving our tall storage shelves back there. 
Then we left it like this and went to have some drinkys:
Ha ha ho ho hee hee, I'm just kidding!  I will show you the goods tomorrow when I'm kinda done.  Ah, painting a cinderblock tomb while it's 45 degrees outside....good times.  Thank goodness for wine space heaters - and not just for me, but so my paint doesn't glob onto the walls like Amy Winehouse's liquid liner.  They don't put those 'minimum temperature 50 degrees' warnings on your paint cans for nothing!


  1. We've only been in our house a year and a half, but we are already accumulating quite the mess in our garage, too! Luckily, the ceiling is high enough that we were able to build a storage loft a few months ago (which I'll post on my blog someday). Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  2. Hey...that is way cleaner than mine! Don't you love painting on cold days? lol...I keep saying to myself, "Why didn't you do this in the summer?" Because I am lazy. :-(

  3. Our garage needs a good cleaning too. I really want to park my car in there..But our garage is one big dumping unit :(

  4. Totally jealous of your garage... I'm sure I'll be even more so once you make it more fabulous. Good for you for tackling it now... it's cold!


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