Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daydreaming about doors

Our front door is a filthy-looking white and no matter what I do, it will continue to look that way until we I repaint it.  Very soon we will be getting all new storm doors for our exterior doors.  Since we are upgrading to a 'full view' storm door for the front, almost the entire entry door will be visible.  Do you know what this means, bloggies?  Time to hire Mariah Carey's retoucher to photoshop different door colors onto our house!  Or to do it myself, badly and crookedly.  Please ignore the outdated picture and my neighbor who was in the middle of beating something with a stick taking down a fence when I rudely captured him in this shot....
Here is a nice, basic (boring?) black:

A similar color as our interior front hall:

Sexy bright red:

A darker, maroon-y red:

And a totally unexpected green:

Please tell me what your favorite is, and if there are any other colors you think would look great.  Or, feel free to leave an anonymous comment about how stupid my color choices are!


  1. oooooo......

    I LOVE the green. Very unique and unexpected.

    But, I also think the red and black look great.

    But, to recap - green is my choice. =)

  2. I like the black or maybe the maroon-red.

  3. I like the black and the deep red. But if you want someting unexpected I like the blue ... the only one I can discount is the green .... it seems to pull the grass up on the house ...

    not much help but narrowed from 4 to 3!!!

  4. I'm partial to the 'Sexy Red' --

    But I'm also wondering if Turquoise Blue would look amazing...I think that color might really pop?

  5. I like sexy-red. Maybe because you labeled it the sexy one? Really, I think it fits in with your home nicely.

  6. I am partial to yellow front doors (obviously!) but I like the sexy-red or black.

  7. Green. but i don't know if it looks awesome just because of the green grass. photoshop in winter grass to make sure the green still looks good.

    but as of now i think the green is perfect!

  8. I like the maroony red , followed by the green , what about a deep browny grey ?

  9. Thank you so much for all the comments and suggestions, I have no idea how I will decide!

  10. From those options, I like the black or maroony-red. I know that's not very exciting or daring (which is unusual for me!).

    The cool teal-ish color (similar to your front hall) seems to be pulling out the cool, ashy undertones of your brick. I like it as a color but it's not my fave in this environment.

    The black goes with your shutters. It's the classic safe choice. The maroon pulls out the red tones of your brick without being jarring (like I feel the sexy red is). Plus it adds a little pop of color.

    I enjoy that the green is unexpected and really wanted to like it more than I actually do. Just falls into the "ok/meh" category for me.

  11. I like the maroonish red, or maybe a dark gray.

  12. Maroony red... hands down! Summertime pots of red geraniums... nice! Winter hang some
    "snowglazed" branches... they would pop! Spring... yellow and red always look wonderful. Fall colors would look amazing on the door.

  13. my fave is the maroon.

    ps, "DIY or die trying" is hilarious!

  14. Am I too late to comment? Just found your blog thanks to Young House Love- its great! great info about your renovations and hilarious to boot! I love the 'sexy red' it looks great on the house, it makes everything look bright- be bold!

  15. Also here via YHL but feel I must add my vote: LOVE the tourqoise, hate the green. Don't really like the reds because the brick is already red and it sort of chops your house in half. Just my opinion!

  16. You would pretty much be my hero if you painted your door green.

    No pressure though.

  17. Hi - I found your blog from the Journal Sentinel. My mom actually gave me the article because our houses must have been built by the same builder. We live by the zoo. Our house is smaller but looks similar. Anyways, we just had a new door put on along with storm door and went with black. I'm happy with the way it turned out.


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