Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Renovation accusations

Last week I told Shaun that I was finally going to prime (and eventually paint) the french doors in the dining room that have sat untouched for over a year while everything else in the room was done.  He was working late one night, so I decided to make good on my promise by whipping out my primer and going to town on the doors, as well as the other set of french doors currently living in our basement.  When he got home, this is how the conversation went:
Shaun: Oh, you didn't paint the doors?

Me: Of course I did, don't you see all the tape and towels covering the floor?

Shaun: Hmm....they look the same.

Me: What are you talking about? They were all yellow-y before and it's only primer, not the final paint coat.

Shaun: Whatever, I don't think you did anything, you've just been reading Perez Hilton all night.

Me: For your information, I not only primed these, but the ones downstairs, too.  And I knew you were going say this, so I took photographic evidence after I finished the first door so you could see the difference.

And here is my submission to the jury that I was not lazy that night, half of the left door is primed:

And here is the left door totally done:

Here's to thankless jobs that take forever, and yet yield no immediate rewards.


  1. Those before and afters look exactly the same.

  2. That anonymous comment has to be from your husband!!!!

    I love the doors, especially the panel at the bottom. Way more character than a full french door.

    Nice prime job!!!

  3. I love those doors! They're looking awesome! WAAAAY different from the before pics! And way different from when I saw them chilling out in your basement!

  4. Sara,

    You can clearly tell the difference between the two doors. The one on the right is still yellow, the other is white. Excellent job, so proud of you.

  5. Those are beautiful doors , I wish they were mine.

  6. The right one looks really yellowed and yucky :) I can tell you primered


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