Monday, November 23, 2009

Public Service Announcement

What gets me through my constant house projects?  Is it gallons of coffee?  The love of peeling paint off my fingers?  A constant fear of having an ugly house?  An egotistical need to be the best?  NAY, new music on my iPod is what I need to get through boring un-glamorous projects.  Which is why I stalk's MP3 section daily for FREE albums and songs.  I get so much good tunage for free just by checking it every day.  Well, today they started offering a little freebie that can be used on any MP3, not just specific albums and songs.  If you go here and enter this promo code before Nov 30th, you will get three bones to use on music!  Yayah!


You're welcome.


  1. Awesome! I buy almost all my music on amazon - i love their MP3 album deal of the day thing. And of course the free songs. Sorry itunes!


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