Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun

Here is what we looked like for the trick-or-treaters on Saturday:

I had so many little girls tell me "I like your costume!"  It was too cute.  It's too bad it was so cold, because we didn't really get that many kids and now I have to eat 3 bags of candy bring 3 bags of candy to work so I don't eat it.  We also went out to see my brother's band play and enjoyed seeing some ridiculous costumes Saturday night.  Ours were borrowed from my mom and dad, they were pirates two years ago when 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was huge. 

Part of the band dressed up as superheros.  My bro was The Punisher.  Aren't they all very muscle-y??

And please check out my mother...yes, my mother.  If I look like this in 25 years I will thank my lucky stars!
Most of our group did 'Batman' themed costumes.  They had Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Joker, and Harlequin.  Not bad, eh? 

We had a good time.  I'm already trying to come up with next year's costume - I will not wait until the last minute again!!  Famous last words.....


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